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everything will be explained later

watch it be a death trap. 

In a fanmail, we each receive a link to a download, it isn’t labeled, but what the hell, you download it.

Once downloaded it autoruns.

“Now Installing Sburb.”


holy shit im installing it right now

what is this?

The end.

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Please Read.


I want to beat my self harm urges, but I’m having a hard time with that.

So, I’ve come up with an idea.

Everyone who reblogs this post will get their tumblr url written in a notebook.

Every time I feel like relapsing, I will look through the list and choose one at random and look through their blog.

Please, I really think this will help me.

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Now I see that u don't really look like andy biersack I think you look sexier than andy


Andy: Flawless.
Me: Imperfect.

Andy: Made by gods.
Me: Made by reproductive organs.

Andy: Rock star.
Me: Banana.

Conclusion: You have a fetish for bananas that is so intense it makes you blind to undeniable perfection.

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Moffat didn’t actually take this away though, because at this point in the Doctor’s life he still genuinely believes that he’s unable to change what he’s done. If anything, knowing that he will in fact go back and try to save Gallifrey makes moments like these all the more poignant - the Doctor suffers, entirely oblivious to the fact that he tried to save Gallifrey. He has no idea the great deed he will perform not too long after this moment.

I rather like that, as it goes. I think it makes these little emotional outbursts a little more bittersweet.

Doctor Who fans who would rather the hero be a failure who loses, there.

It’s funny, because Russell didn’t even get rid of Gallifrey because he wanted the Doctor to be tortured and angsty and all the rest. He got rid of Gallifrey because he couldn’t be arsed with the Time Lords. That’s all.

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hello! uvu would you mind explaining knight of heart and sylph or heart? i dont know which one i am :33 thanks for your time!


No problem!

A Knight of Heart is one that weaponizes, manipulates and has vast knowledge of romantic feeling and souls. Knights often put up a mask to protect themselves from being rejected by those close to them. However, a Knight must drop their mask as, if they do not, will eventually lead to their team’s down fall (We see this with the Alpha Trolls). Heart players, from what I’ve gathered, have trouble with romance, or romantic feeling (Meulin’s relationship with Kurloz, Nepeta’s crush on Karkat, and Dirk’s difficulty to have a healthy relationship). However, they seem to have a pull that attracts others to them.

Likely the Knight of Heart will have trouble showing their affectionate side and put up a cold mask to protect themselves (much like Karkat did with his teammates).

Fully realized a Knight of Heart will be able to weaponize souls and romantic feeling.

A Sylph of Heart is one that has the ability to heal souls and others’ interpretation of romantic feeling. Sylphs are usually kind-hearted, but are often mistaken as harmless or meek which is a Sylphs worst nightmare. Because of this Sylphs are usually attracted to more outgoing characters (often Thieves because of their outgoing, no nonsense nature).

A Sylph must learn to choose their battles, however, as refusing to do so may lead to their teammates distancing themselves from the Sylph or visa-verso (Aranea is having this problem at the moment).

Fully realized the Sylph of Heart will be able to heal souls and possibly even romantic relationships that are having difficulty.

I’m a bit rusty, so I hope this isn’t too confusing.

Hope I helped a bit!